Lite Roofing Contractors

Nowdays Lite Roofing construction having the largest selling Best Roofs material in South India, is a world-class product developed with latest technology, and fabricated to the high demand for quality roofing at affordable cost. Its unique design & structures its proven strength and durability have made it an all round performer and the first choice of consumers that only reason we are number one in Roofing Contractor fields. Technical innovation and high performance have helped Literoof find its way to the top, where it stays the right answer to all roofing needs.

Light - weight Light - weight, the greatest asset of Literoof makes it easier to handle, fix and transport. It also avoids the use of strong base material, thereby reducing the complexity of all the structures.

Flexibility Flexibility enables ease of handling and fixing, and makes it the right choice for curved roof-tops and irregular surfaces.

Durability Strength and durability are innate to Literoof. Its high stress-bearing capacity and resistance extremes of weather makes it the most reliable material. Further, it is also leakproof, rust proof and termite-proof, which enhances its performance.

Safety & Hygiene Literoof it is very safe to handle and work with, and poses no health hazards to humans.

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